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Explore the map to view infrastructure projects powered by the Fremont County Optional One Percent Tax.
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  • Fremont County
    Current Projects
    • Multiple Bridge Repairs – Project SA-4
    • Multiple Bridge Repairs – Project SA-3
    • Multiple Bridge Repairs – Project SA-2
    • Multiple Bridge Repairs – Project SA-1
    • Multiple Bridge Repairs – Project ML-1, ML-2, and ML-3
    • Multiple Bridge Repairs – Project ML-5
    Completed Projects
    • North 2nd Street Realignment Project
    • Tunnel Hill Road Realignment Project
    • Riverview Road Overlay and Chipseal
    • Gravel Road Project Summary
    Future Need
    • Potholes
  • Town of Shoshoni
    Current Projects
    • 2016 Sewer Replacement Project
    Completed Projects
    • 2014 Sewer Replacement Project
  • City of Riverton
    Completed Projects
    • Riverview Road Overlay Project
    • Logan Park, E. Logan Park, Valley High Chip Seal
    • N. Broadway & E. Pershing Chip Seal
    • Rendezvous School Neighborhood Concrete Project
    • North 16th Street East Resurfacing
    • North 1st Street Resurfacing
    • E. Pershing ADA Concrete Project
    • Broadway & Monroe Neighborhood Concrete Project
    • Pavement Assessment & Management Plan
    • Pure Gas Overlay
    • Major Pavement Patching
    • Misc. Concrete Project
    • South Federal Boulevard/WYDOT Project
    • Woodridge Estates Overlay
    • Watts Court Overlay
    Future Need
    • Potholes
  • City of Lander
    Completed Projects
    • Various Valley Pans and Pavement Patches
    • Sand Slurry on East Lane, West Lane, 9th, 10th and Jefferson Street
    • Cliff and McDougall Streets Reconstruction
    • Christina and Dillon Streets Reconstruction
    • Vance, Garner, Welch and upper end of McDougall Chip Sealing
    • 2nd Street, 5th Street, and 9th Street Crack Sealing
    • Buena Vista Crack Sealing, Black Addition Crack Sealing
    • Buena Vista Curb and Gutter Repair
    Future Need
    • Potholes
  • Town of Dubois
    Current Projects
    • 3rd Street Paving
  • Town of Hudson
    Current Projects
    • Oklahoma Avenue Paving
  • Town of Pavillion
    Current Projects
    • Cedar Avenue Paving

Your Vote Matters

Vote FOR the County Sales and Use Tax on Tues, Nov. 8th.

“Shall the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Fremont, State of Wyoming, be authorized to impose a general purpose excise tax of 1% upon retail sales of tangible personal property, admissions and services made within the county, the purpose of which is for infrastructure projects related to streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer utilities. If passed, the tax would be in place for a four-year (4) term and resubmitted to voters at the next General Election.”

Facts and Questions

  • Are all of the 1% Projects Shown on the Map?

    We are still in the process of uploading the Current 1% Projects onto the map. We will also be adding projects that could be completed in the Future, if the 1% Optional Sales Tax is renewed. Please check in from time to time to see the map become populated and also to see updated information and photos for the projects.

  • What is the Optional 1% Tax?

    The municipalities in Fremont County recognized a growing need to find an additional funding source to help fix deteriorating infrastructure throughout the County.  Prior to the election in 2012, a resolution was drafted to place a general purpose one percent (1%) optional sales and use tax on the General Election Ballot.

    The Resolution stated that the 1% tax would be used for infrastructure projects related to streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer utilities. This resolution was then presented to the Board of County Commissioners of Fremont County and to each City and Town Councils in Fremont County. The resolution was unanimously passed by the County Commissioners and the Municipalities.  The Ballot Question was then put to the Voters in the November 2012 General Election and was passed by the Voters of Fremont County.

    Once passed, General Purpose Optional Sales Taxes can be used for many items and/or projects and are placed on the general election ballot every every 4 years for renewal. Where as Specific Purpose Optional Sales Taxes can only be used for specific projects with a set project amount, and once that specific project amount is collected the Sales Tax is retired.  Because of the vast number of infrastructure projects in our different communities, a Specific Purpose Sales tax for each infrastructure project would not be feasible.

    This is why the Resolution and Ballot Question for the current General Purpose Optional Sales Tax states “the purpose of which is for infrastructure projects related to streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer utilities.” By adding this language to the ballot proposal, our community leaders have made a promise to only use the “General Use” funds for the specific purpose of  fixing infrastructure around the County.

    The Board of County Commissioners of Fremont County and to each City and Town Council in Fremont County have kept that promise. Now the 1% Optional Sales Tax is up for renewal on the November 2016 General Election Ballot.  Help our elected officials continue to make infrastructure improvements in Fremont County by voting FOR the 1% Optional Sales Tax.

  • How much money has the One Percent Optional Tax raised?

    The following tables show what the projected sales sale distributions were anticipated to be in 2011 and the actual sate tax amount that has been distributed to date:





  • What will happen to the money as it is collected?

    The funds will be collected by the state and redistributed to the county, cities, and towns based on population as shown in the cart below. The state charges a 1% administration fee and returns the remaining funds to County, Cities, and Towns in Fremont County.



  • How do I know the money will be used solely for infrastructure?

    All of the municipalities have made a promise to spend the funds raised on infrastructure projects related to streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer utilities. They have kept that promise.

  • How will the proposed 1% Optional Tax be used?

    Fremont County and all cities/towns will continue to utilize 1% funds on infrastructure projects related to streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer utilities.  There are infrastructure projects that are in the planning phase right now, that will no get completed if the 1% Optional Sales Tax is not renewed.

    As voters the choice is ours: Continue to fix our aging infrastructure or Let our aging infrastructure Continue to Fail.  Please help support our communities by voting FOR the ballot proposal.

  • Did you know…….

    …….There are more than 50 Sales and Use Tax Exemptions in the State of Wyoming including food, agriculture, essentials human goods, and economic incentives? A complete list of Sales and Use Tax Exemptions can be downloaded here:


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